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Updates Of November

November 28, 2012
Hello fellow Illusionists!

As November is coming to an end, Midnight Illusions would like to formally (and officially) kick off December by coming off our very (seriously, really long) comeback! Yes, we are officially up and running. All our staffs are here to assist you in anyway possible.

We had many drawbacks to our comeback due to several reasons: school started, Hurricane Sandy, holidays, etc. But we are very determined to get all the requests done that were sent prior to our return. We will be sending out emails to the those who have sent request forms to confirm that they still want their requests, so please be on the look out for those emails.

Over the next several days, Midnight Illusions will be going through a sweep-up (a clean up), due to our long hiatus, many of our staff members have disappeared and we will need some time to get the staff profiles sorted out. As you all know, Midnight Illusions is a very organized request site and we intend to keep it that way. If you are going to request something, please do not put in a specific staff member due to the reason that we are still cleaning up. Thank you.

We are currently DESPERATELY looking for applicants! We are in DESPERATE need of writers & reviewers, please! I usually don't beg but right now, I'm really begging you all to please come and apply! We need you!

Due to the short amount of writers we have, we have no other choice than to DEACTIVATE our one shot requests. I apologize for the inconvenience!

In the next update, we will have information on the newly refreshed staff members and what's in store for the holidays!

Stay Illusive~

September 5, 2012

Is Midnight Illusions dead?
No, we are not dead. Unfortunately, a lot of our staff members and webmistresses are adjusting to school once again so we will have to push our comeback a little bit further. We do apologize for the delay but rest assured that we will try our best to get those requests up and running for those who have already requested from us.

Midnight Illusions is HIRING! Along with the positions, we are also looking for a new co-webmistress. You must have experience in running your own site or have been a co-webmistress before. We are searching for someone who is willing to put time and effort in the site. To apply, you will need to email us saying that you are interested.

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